It feels a bit braggy putting this page together, but I understand that if you’re interested in collaborating, you’ll want to see what I’ve worked on! Any questions, feel free to send them my way.

Freelance Writing

I’ve enjoyed freelance writing since 2010. I currently write a column for Evening Standard online.

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I write blog posts, email newsletters and other content for a variety of small, medium and large businesses. Most of this is ghostwritten, but I can share some of it confidentially if you require.


In the past I’ve written for Forbes.com, Tokyo Families magazine, Being A Broad magazine, iNTOUCH magazine (for the Tokyo American Club) and more.

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Books / eBooks

I’ve written both paperback and eBooks on weddings, health and wellbeing and book marketing. You can find a complete list on Amazon here.

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Editing & Critiquing

I am the Editor for the best-selling book 30 Day GMAT Success. It is now in its 3rd Edition and has hit the best-selling spot under GMAT preparation on several occasions. (Full disclosure: my husband wrote this book!)


I have critiqued three books from Pulitzer-prize winning author Bob Lowe, The New York Times best-selling Ingrid Ricks and author Lauren Clark.

I founded and run the online community Ladies Who Critique, which has over 4000 members.

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Marketing / Content Marketing

In a previous life I was the book marketing consultant for the following authors: Bob Lowe, Lauren Clark, Kathy Lynn Harris, Dr Julie Wei and more, as well as coaching over 100 authors on their marketing strategies.

From 2014-2016, I was the Content Marketing Manager at a digital agency working with over 50 clients on a number of campaigns.


The Write Life Magazine is a Newsstand app that was featured by Apple in the ‘What’s Hot’ section for almost 12 months. It was also shortlisted in the Digital Magazine Awards, 2014. I was the founder, Editor and publisher for 2 years.

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Write On! is an app that offers up daily quotes to encourage and inspire writers to get writing!


Blog / community management

I manage the blog for the Cambridge-based start-up Doko.

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Previous Roles & more info

Seriously, thanks for getting this far!

eujapanI started off my career as an English teacher in Japan. From there I got into PR and writing and took a traineeship at the Delegation to the EU in Tokyo. I wrote the embassy newsletter, internal and external communications, proofread and edited all content, and wrote speeches for several of the diplomats, including the Ambassador.

In 2010, I co-founded 30 Day Books, a small book publisher and marketing company that I ran for 5 years. In 2014 I joined a digital agency working on content marketing campaigns for clients including Webuyanycar.com, RBS, Portmeirion, Denby Pottery and more. I’ve been freelance writing and marketing since May 2017 and I love partnering  with a variety of clients on their interesting projects.

I’d love to hear from you, whether you’ve got a project in mind or would just like to connect on FaceTime or over coffee. My details are here.