Content vs. Copy: What’s the Difference?

If you don’t have time to read this post, here’s the gist: Content Tells & Copy Sells. Read on for a more detailed explanation!

Copy vs content writing - what's the difference?

I’ve noticed that Content and Copy are often used interchangeably by clients and many people in the business world. It’s no surprise; few people know the difference.

And that’s such a shame! Since there’s a large difference in both the purpose of each one, and the skillset needed to write them, it’s really useful to know how and why they’re different.

Copy vs content writing - what's the difference?This is key if you’re planning to write your own business messaging, but it’s arguably even more important if you’re looking to hire a writer to help with your communications. Writer ≠ the ability to sell your product or service. ‘Writer’ is a general term; it does not mean that everyone who writes can communicate your business to your customer.

So, here’s a basic breakdown of what Content is and what Copy is – hopefully helping clarify which one you need for your project and to achieve your biz goals.  Continue reading

Hygge Bedroom Design in Pink & Grey

A year ago I had a crazy idea to paint our bedroom walls pink. Hubby was very obliging, trusting, as always, my “vision”. My vision was actually stolen from Pinterest, more specifically a board that had lots of grey, pink and copper inspiration on it.

Pinterest also taught me that it’s not just any old pink, it’s got a fancy name; Dusty Pink. Sometimes it’s called Blush. Whatever you call it, I adore it.

The problem is, I’ve despised those sickly pink walls ever since the paint dried. Against our grey duvet set the whole thing looked worn and drab. I’ve been meaning to sharpen up the room ever since, but you know, baby. (That excuse wearing thin yet?)

Finally, a whole 12 months later, I’ve found the time and energy to get the room to a place I’m happy with. With just a few accessories, the result is warm, cosy and – as my sister announced when she last walked in – Hygge. OMG, the holy grail of design or what?

I’m chuffed! Just in time for winter. And almost Pinterest worthy…

What are your top Hygge bedroom accessories?

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