Learning to Trust Your Body in Pregnancy & Labour

When touring the birth centre on Monday (more to come on that), the midwife mentioned that many couples using hypnobirthing print out images or words to put on the wall during labour. I love the idea of having positive images to focus on and immediately Googled ‘hypnobirthing images’ when I got home. I found these beautiful mantras (from trustbreathebirth.com.au) that really spoke to me:

On Trust

The ‘I trust birth’ image is particularly poignant for me. During a yoga class earlier on in my pregnancy, the teacher told us to ‘Trust in your body, trust in your baby’, and ever since that class this has become my mantra whenever I have felt overwhelmed or anxious about the birth.



I know it won’t take all of the pain away, but it will take away my mental anxiety, which I have no doubt contributes to much of the pain women feel during labour.

trust in your bodytrust in your baby

From now on, I shall both listen and trust my body. It knows how to grow, build and host a baby; I’m pretty sure it knows how to birth one 🙂

Do you have a hypnobirthing mantra? I’d love to hear it.

Dear baby (a letter to my unborn child)

Hi baby. Are you ok in there? You’re certainly wriggling around and letting me know when you’re not comfortable. I’ve learned not to rest my book on my belly when I’m reading, or stand too close to the saucepan when I cook, because you don’t seem to like that. You do seem to like loud music and when I work out in the mornings. Perhaps you’ll be a dancer or a musician.

Dear baby, I’m still calling you “baby” because we don’t know whether you’re a sweet little girl or boy yet. If you’re a boy, I need you to help me choose your name. You have no idea the number of hours I have struggled with this. Give me a sign when I meet you, ok? But if you’re a girl, I know exactly what I want to call you, though I know all that might change when I see your face. When I see your face! I absolutely can’t wait. Every day is one step closer to cuddling with you.


Your daddy is especially excited about the cuddling part – he keeps making space for a fictional you when we’re curled up in bed. He held another baby girl last weekend at a wedding, and he looked equal parts delighted and terrified. I know he’ll be great though, if not a little nervous at times about your safety. I’ll make sure he doesn’t completely cover you in bubble wrap though. My wish for you is a life full of adventure and experiences.

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