Maya Angelou Quotes to Live By

Friends, it’s World Book Day!


Being in marketing, and being a huge book nerd, I used to be aware of hugely important national dates like this weeks in advance. But because I’m living under a parenting rock that allows me no access or insight into popular culture (seriously, what happened at the Oscars? Who is Ed Sheeran dating? What the heck is Let it Shine?) and most of the time I have no idea what day of the week it is, let alone if it’s a special day, this year’s World Book Day almost passed me by. SAD TIMES.

But alas! I took the little dude to Rhyme Time at the library today (social calendar highlight don’t you know) and the rhyming lady told us it was WBD and I got all excited because I just love and adore books and all that they provide and offer to us. Thanks little library lady.

And! I did just FINISH A BOOK (patting myself on the back while typing) and I loved it and I wanted to share some of the quotes that I highlighted as I was reading (yep I did that, #nerdalert).

That book was Letter to My Daughter by Maya Angelou, and it was BEAUTIFUL – and here are my favourite quotes!


Pep XO

“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”.png

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Inhale, Exhale


glennon-doyle-meltonNew favourite obsession: The words of Glennon Doyle Melton. What a wise (and hilarious) egg this lady is. I’m late to the party but glad I made it anyway.

I’m currently reading Carry On, Warrior, listening to her story on the Beautiful Writers podcast, watching her on Marie Forleo and pre-ordering her latest book.

I’ve told all my closest go-to girls that they must devour the above content A.S.A.P so that we can jointly digest and discuss. Already three of them have THANKED me for the introduction. They’re as hooked on her words as I am.

Pure class and the sanest words about love + being a woman + grace + realness this side of Venus. Thanks Glennon!

Go read her site now!


7 Tips for Finishing that Book

blur-1283865_1280Here’s something I’m a little embarrassed to admit: my novel has been in a work in progress for 6 years.

6 years!

Except really, it’s been in such fits and starts that it’s not like I’m writing War and Peace. I haven’t really been writing it for 6 years, that’s just how long it’s been in existence, mostly horribly neglected and forgotten about. In the meantime, I’ve finished 6 non-fiction books, ghostwritten a book, written countless articles and blog posts, and published 12 magazine issues.

So, it’s not for lack of time that I’ve been putting off finishing the book.

And the weird thing is, I really want to finish it! Figuring out why I can’t (or rather, don’t seem to want to) complete it has been the first step in getting into a rhythm with it again.

Me, staring at a closed book with a cup of coffee, not writing like I should be.

Figuring out the Resistance

I was on FaceTime to my dear friend Ingrid Ricks the other week, and our conversation forced me to take a step back and examine what exactly is preventing me from just getting it done. Ingrid is a New York Times Bestseller with several published books, so she’s been through the process many a time. That conversation was eye opening and fire-up-the-arse igniting, and ever since our chat, I’ve been working on it a little almost every day. Continue reading