Content vs. Copy: What’s the Difference?

If you don’t have time to read this post, here’s the gist: Content Tells & Copy Sells. Read on for a more detailed explanation!

Copy vs content writing - what's the difference?

I’ve noticed that Content and Copy are often used interchangeably by clients and many people in the business world. It’s no surprise; few people know the difference.

And that’s such a shame! Since there’s a large difference in both the purpose of each one, and the skillset needed to write them, it’s really useful to know how and why they’re different.

Copy vs content writing - what's the difference?This is key if you’re planning to write your own business messaging, but it’s arguably even more important if you’re looking to hire a writer to help with your communications. Writerย โ‰  the ability to sell your product or service. ‘Writer’ is a general term; it does not mean that everyone who writes can communicate your business to your customer.

So, here’s a basic breakdown of what Content is and what Copy is – hopefully helping clarify which one you need for your project and to achieve your biz goals.ย  Continue reading