Starting a Business: 5 of my Favourite Things

It’s been 10 whole weeks since I started my new business, PepTalking. After much deliberation about how to describe what I do I settled on ‘Digital Marketing & Communications’, and that’s exactly what I ended up writing on my new business cards.

Which I love by the way – they’re from if you want some too!:

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 9.43.55 AM

I’m amazed and grateful at how the stars aligned and I had several clients come to me just as I was coming off my maternity leave. Such fortuitous timing and a real treat to be working with small businesses and individuals that I respect and admire ❤


One of the things I LOVE about working for myself is that I keep things really FUN! Seriously, I weave so much joy into my day and I know that my creative energy levels and my clients benefit from it. If you’re a freelancer or business owner I think this is really important; white space away from work will only enhance and improve your output.

When I started my first business 7 years ago, I didn’t learn this lesson for several years. I managed to build a sustainable business but my goodness; I worked and I worked and I worked! In the beginning I thought that the longer I spent at my computer = the more success I’d have. Now I know that is simply not true.

Here is how I’ve been balancing my work days recently.

running a creative business

LISTENING: To Gregory Porter, Macklemore’s ‘Glorious’ & these podcasts
DRINKING: Matcha lattes with Oatly milk
WORKING: From Co Fifteen coffee shop (my fave!) & this fab coworking space
CHILLING: At CamYoga & in the park with babes & their mamas
MUNCHING: On Boutique Bake Cacao Protein Bites – utter yum

I’m always up for recommendations and ideas on how to stay creative – and sane – so any ideas, please send them my way!

Much love for a GORGEOUS week ahead,

Pep ❤

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