14 Gift Ideas for Yogis / Yoga Lovers

gift ideas for yogis and yoga loversDecember 14th already? Shoot, I’m more behind with my Christmas shopping than I thought! Luckily, so are my BFF and husband who have both asked me what I want for Christmas and my January birthday this past week. It got me thinking – what is a good gift for a yoga lover?

Here’s a compilation of my favourite online finds.

(Pssst… send this list to your other half when she/he asks what you want!)

A Statement Mug

yoga mug.jpg

Since most yogis love a cup of tea / coffee/ chai, gift them this statement mug to take into the office in January to declare their love of getting on the mat.

This Oversized Jumper


Flattering on every shape and size, this is the perfect sweater to throw on for final resting pose and getting to and from the studio.

A Yoga Mat Bag

yoga mat bag.jpeg

Carrying yoga mats around can be cumbersome; not so with this Lululemon yoga mat bag! It’s roomy enough to stick your phone, wallet and other small bits and bobs in it meaning she / he won’t have to carry around an additional handbag.

Fun Leggings

Because laundry is boring and these are so much fun to stare at during downward dog. When Lululemon pants are out of your budget, Amazon has some amazingly affordable and stylish ones (click on each image for the link).


Yoga Socks

Because sometimes she’ll want to get to class even when she’s not pedi-ready. Pack of 5 non-slip socks means no one needs to know!

A Yoga Memoir

I recently enjoyed Where in the OM am I? by Sara DiVello. Yoga Girl by Rachel Brathen (aka Instagram’s Yoga Girl) is the yoga book of the year – I haven’t yet started it but it’s getting fantastic reviews and I can’t wait to dive in over Christmas.

Yoga / Meditation Balm

This aromatherapy balm makes for the perfect stocking filler – even if for no reason other than the hilarious tagline: ‘To Center & Balance Your Inner Badger’ (stifles immature giggle…)

The Yoga Bible

For the more studious yogi, The Yoga Bible tells her everything she needs to know to about breath and alignment in order to massively improve her practice.

A Manduka Yoga Towel


Because sometimes studio mats are icky! Place this towel on top of your mat for sweat-proof grip. Particularly useful for Bikram (hot yoga) yogis or those that can’t take their own mat to the studio.

Personalised Slogan T shirt

coffe Yoga naps t shirt.jpg

Since I feel like this was pretty much made for me, whilst researching this list I went ahead and ordered me one of these tops from Etsy. (If coffee isn’t her thing, the slogan is customizable.)

Yoga Stuff Bag


Perfect for storing a mat, blocks and strap, this yoga stuff bag keeps your room tidy and looks super cool, too.

Personalised Yoga Pants!


Such fun.

This Awesome Gym Bra from Sweaty Betty

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 10.14.14 AM.png

No one wants to spend 45 quid on a decent gym bra. But we’re delighted when someone else does because, as my PE Teacher once put it; “one’s got to stop the flop”.

I Bloody Love Yoga Tote Bag


Because really, this tote from Etsy says it all.

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gift ideas for yogis and yoga lovers

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