Becoming a Yoga Teacher (200hr YTT) – Choosing a programme in the UK

So this came in the post today!


A letter of acceptance for my application to Camyoga’s 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. I’m soooooo excited!

Why I’ve Decided to Take the Leap

I’ve been dreaming of doing my YTT forever. I started playing around with yoga when I first moved to Japan 10 years ago. Over the next couple of years I found myself practicing almost daily. I’ve been hooked ever since, attending classes in California, Seattle, here in Cambridge and always when I travel – my favourite view was from this class in Queenstown, New Zealand:


Cambridge vs. Bali?!

I’m not sure why but my YTT dream saw me attending an intensive training programme somewhere in Asia. Probably because I’m a complete Asia-phile and something about training closer to its Eastern roots appealed to me. So when I had a baby this summer, my dream seemed rather distant. I couldn’t imagine leaving him for 2-3 weeks anytime soon, so I pushed the thought to the back of my head.

And then hubby dropped the bombshell that we’d be moving to Taiwan with his work for 3 months this autumn. “Ooooooh”, said a little voice inside of me. “Perhaps I can do my YTT there while my Mother in Law babysits?” Cue frantic Google searches.

And then serendipity kicked in. After 2 weeks of researching all of the training programmes in Taiwan and realising that a) they didn’t match our dates or b) they were too far away from where we’d be staying, an email landed in my inbox. My local yoga studio, Camyoga, (which I adore) was crowdfunding for a new studio and Cambridge’s first vegan restaurant. The pledge of the day was their 200 hr YTT programme at nearly 30% off the usual price. I had one day to decide whether to purchase it.

I haven’t been that excited in a reallllllly long time. Giddy, you might say! I spent the entire day trying to convince myself that it was a bad idea, while only coming up with more and more reasons why it was a good one. In the early evening I bit the bullet and applied.

After speaking with my hubby and BFF, here are the reasons that I decided doing a local YTT programme might actually be better than doing it in Asia:

  1. The studio and teachers. I find that the environment in which you practice can have a massive impact on how you feel about the class. I recently attended a great class with a super teacher but the studio was in a dark and dingy basement, and it just didn’t feel right. If I was to attend a YTT programme abroad, I wouldn’t be able to scope out the studio or teachers; I know and love the local studio which is comforting to me as I make this investment.
  2. The cost. Obviously I got a time-sensitive deal, which isn’t always available. But surprisingly, when I was looking into training abroad I found the tuition wasn’t that much cheaper than here in the UK. Add to that the fact I don’t have to worry about accommodation or travel, and the whole price is much more cost effective.
  3. The timing. It starts in January, right after we get back from our trip. Which is great! Also, because of baby G and childcare (thanks Mum… :)), I’m choosing to do the intensive course over two intensives (splitting it up into 2 parts in Jan and July, with final assessments in November) and taking a bit longer to complete it. Which suits me great – I wouldn’t have this option if I was to do it abroad.


    Yoga in Cambridge involves a bike ride to class, obvs 🙂

  4. It’s more “real life”. My BF had the rather sage thought that if I did it in Asia, it might be harder to come back and teach as it would feel more foreign. Doing the training here in Cambridge, which includes creating and teaching a 6 week class for 2-8 people, makes it much more real and applicable after the training is done.
  5. I’d be building a network here: this would be a) really fun to meet people locally that love yoga as much as I do and b) useful if I choose to teach in the area afterwards.

How I’m Feeling

  • I’m excited about learning more about one of my favourite things in life, and being the geek that I am, studying! I love reading and digging deep into a subject.
  • I’m also inspired by the new possibilities this might bring – being able to share and give back through yoga, meet like-minded people locally, get fitter and stronger, spend more time on the mat / in the studio, potentially add a side income.
  • I’m super nervous! I have all sorts of fears surrounding this new challenge, which I’ll address in an upcoming post.

First class starts in January and I’ve got a tonne of reading and two assignments to complete before we begin. I’ll be documenting the whole thing here – the good, the bad and the ugly! Watch this space…

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