33 Weeks Pregnant (& why this week feels like a milestone)

So here I am, 33 weeks pregnant! I remember a few months ago when this time felt like it would never come. Not because I was impatient or eager for it to arrive (I wasn’t, I’ve needed the whole time to prepare myself mentally, physically and spiritually for this huge life change!), but because it just seemed so far away. I’d look at the girls in my pregnancy yoga class who were 30+ weeks along, thinking that they seemed like Goddesses – able to even get themselves to yoga that far along and hold all the poses?! It’s funny to think that they’re babes will now be a few months old, and their pregnancies probably feel like an age ago.

Soooo, how does it feel to be 33 weeks pregnant?

I have to say that, while the other weeks seem to arrive without much noticeable difference to the previous one, this week has felt markedly different.

For the first time, I think I’ve actually achieved the pregnancy waddle that everyone talks about. Up until now I’ve been able to conceal my belly behind a flattering coat (last season’s version of this one, if you’re interested), and people I don’t know have seem surprised when I’ve whipped if off to reveal a sizable bump.


Now though, I think you’d know I was pregnant a mile off! I’m walking slower, my legs and feet seem to have to “think” more in order to hold my balance, and boy do I get out of breath quickly! Apparently it’s due to the lack of room in the lungs, as the belly stops them from inflating correctly. When out and about on a dog walk or in town, I’ve needed to take old lady breaks to sit down and rest every 30 minutes or so. Any longer and I’m beat. This is a big contrast to 2 weeks ago where I could shop for 4 or 5 hours without needing a significant rest. I’m also napping when I can – my body lets me know when I’m tired (read: a lot of the time!)

So yeah, for the first time, I feel really pregnant.


What is happening inside that belly to make me feel so tired?
According to the experts…

– At 33 weeks the little one is the size of a pineapple.

– It weighs 4.4 pounds (or 2kg).

– For about half of first time Mums, the babies head has moved into the pelvis “has engaged” (another reason for the waddle? I’m not sure if little one has or not)

What I’m doing to prepare at 33 weeks:

– Nesting – so cliche, but so true. I’m trying to sort all the little jobs around the house and garden out so that the house is in a better state for our arrival.

– Ordering baby essentials. The nursery won’t be ready for a few weeks, but we’ve chosen our furniture and ordered the push chair.

– Attending NCT classes. This week will be the last of our classes, with a whopping 4 hour breast feeding class on Saturday. I’ve really been amazed at the quality and depth of information we’ve covered in these classes, and know that we’re way better off for them. I’ll be sad to finish them! (#lifelongnerd) Plus we’ve met some awesome mama and papas to be that I hope we can keep in touch with after the birth and beyond.

– Reading. Mostly books that friends have recommended: Secrets of the Baby Whisperer: How to Calm, Connect & Communicate With Your Baby, Effective Birth Preparation and also some non-baby related books just to relax – The Year of Living Danishly for one!

– Trying to eat more! I’m sad to say that I’m still struggling to gain weight. With the morning sickness in the first trimester, constant nausea throughout the pregnancy so far, and the discomfort I get from eating too much, I’ve put on 17 pounds so far. My target was 25-30, so with 6 weeks to go I’m a way off. But I’ve stocked up on high fat, high calorie food this week and will try to keep nourishing my body and babe.

– Attending pregnancy yoga. Not as often as I’d like, since it’s on a Saturday morning and weekends these days tend to be busy busy. But when I can, I get myself over to the incredible space that is Cam Yoga!

– Listening to my hypnobirthing CDs! Ok so not as much as I should, but at least once or twice a week. And I’m starting to enjoy them…

– The dreaded Kegels. Urg, I’ve been terrible at these so far. I think it’s because I’m not very good at them and I’m not sure I really “get” them. But I hear that my future me will thank me for doing them, so I’d better get cracking…

Are you 33 weeks pregnant? I’d love to hear how you’re getting on and what’s new for you this week. I’m also curious about what week 34 will bring!

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