Why My Baby’s Middle Name is Emerson

Although it took us forever and a day to choose his first name, it took us a hot second to agree upon George’s middle name: Emerson. Apart from sounding both strong and sophisticated, I adore the poet and essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson and love that my son’s name is a nod to him.

A beautiful spirit, it’s so apparent from Emerson’s essays and the way he conducted his life that he was a damn sage dude. He was liberal, kind, an activist against racial inequality and enslavement, a supporter of libraries (!) and I’m pretty sure that if he’d have had access to yoga at the time he would have been a bonafide yogi and spiritual leader for sure. In fact, I’d go so far as to say… I reckon he was the Oprah of his time!

His words of wisdom and actions are great life lessons for George to observe, and I’ll certainly be introducing him to his writing as soon as he’s ready (okay, okay, that’s gonna be a while yet…)

Here are my favourite Emerson quotes. I’d like to think that, if I had been born in Massachusetts in the mid 19th-century and our circles would have crossed, we’d have been darn good friends.

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Some Thoughts on Anxiety

haute-chocolate-styled-stock-photography-spring-brunch-31-finalRecently I’ve recognised that I have anxious episodes far more often these days, particularly since having a baby. Maternal mental health is notoriously shaky, with the highs often feeling really high and the lows sometimes feeling really low.

I’ve also realised recently that anxiety is pretty much the smoking of our generation. It’s an epidemic, it’s getting more prevalent, and it’s realllllly bad for our health. I’ve been paying attention to my own anxiety rhythms, and thinking quite a lot about it as I notice it in those around me.

With it being #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek, I wanted to publish a collection of random thoughts I’ve had about the beast that is anxiety.

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A Fab Vegan Supper Club in Cambridge

Before I get to telling you about a very good night I had recently at The Old Bicycle Shop, Cambridge, here’s a confession of a wannabe Vegan: I really, really like eggs. 

Unlike a lot of veggies turning vegan, I can completely imagine a life without dairy. I don’t really love cheese, it makes me feel crummy. I prefer soya yoghurt to dairy. Coconut ice cream is yum. But eggs? They make my world complete. 

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Is Pursuing Your Passion as a Career a Terrible Idea?

Is Pursuing Your Passion as a Career a Terrible idea?
I’ve been thinking about this question a lot. As I continue my yoga teacher training studies, I often wonder: will I lose my passion for yoga if it becomes my career?

Let me rewind. Two years ago I paused my somewhat successful writing and publishing businesses because I began to find that as it was my sole source of income, I had become focused on the monetary side of things and subsequently I lost my passion for the writing. Not only did I lose my motivation to write, anytime I tried to craft something it seems that my creativity had vanished, too.

Now I’m “back in the saddle” and feeling recharged to write, both for my self and for clients, I’m learning how to strike a balance that will pay the bills but not leave me with “writing fatigue”.

I recently reached out to the readers of my former online magazine, The Write Lifestyle, and explained my story. I asked if anyone could relate, and got back some very interesting answers…
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Top 10 Feel-Good Foods to Blitz a Bad Mood

The other day I was whc-styled-stock-photography-2016-april-feeling-zen-20-finalorking from home, with absolutely nothing to stress about, but for some reason I felt this nervous, uncomfortable energy.

I had a yoga class booked for lunchtime and I was filled with anxiety about going. Which is ridiculous! Anxiety about attending a YOGA class? Ahhh, the irony.

We all have wobbles from time to time; days when we just feel overwhelmed, stressed or inexplicably anxious. Once upon a time I wrote a book about wedding planning – and naturally there was a huge section on staying calm before the wedding because BRIDEZILLAISM is real and can happen to the best of us (ahem!). Whilst undertaking the research for that book, here’s what I learned about foods that can really alter your mood – it’s fascinating and useful stuff.

I took my own advice and nommed on some dark chocolate before class – hey, the science says I did the right thing.

Eat up!

Pep ❤

🍴 Top 10 Feel-Good Foods to Blitz a Bad Mood

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10 Sanskrit Words You Hear in Yoga Class (& What they mean!)

10 Sanskrit Words You Hear at Yoga (& What they Mean!)

Ever been to a yoga class and had zero idea what language the teacher is speaking?

You certainly wouldn’t be alone! Many students let the Sanskrit, an ancient Hindi dialect used to describe poses or yogic concepts, wash right over them. And whilst it isn’t necessary to know any of this language at all to enjoy a spot of yoga, it can be a useful way to advance your yoga practice and get closer to its history and philosophy.

Here are 10 of the most commonly used Sanskrit words in yoga along with a short definition of each.

❤ Pep XO

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15 Ways Yoga Transforms Your Body

You probably feel much better after a yoga class, but have you ever stopped to think about why? Here are the physical and mental benefits of stepping on your yoga mat.

You probably feel better both physically and mentally after a yoga class, but have you ever stopped to think about what’s going on in that bod of yours after you’ve stepped off the mat? I’ve found learning about the benefits of yoga during my yoga teacher training course absolutely fascinating! Here are just some of the benefits that a regular practice can provide you with – better than any pill I ever heard of!

Pep XO

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My Top 7 Podcast Recommendations

It’s super weird how things often come in threes… in the last week I’ve, rather randomly, had three friends ask me for podcast recommendations.

And then on a podcast this week I heard that it’s #TRYPOD (Try a Podcast) month – where podcasters are encouraging friends and family to try listening to podcasts if they don’t already.

Unlike how I feel about books – so many books, so little time! – I feel that there is so much time in my day when I could listen to a podcast (commuting, exercising, walking the dog, feeding baby, before bed) and not enough good podcasts to fill it with (or, rather, not enough that I know about).

So, I feel compelled to share 7 of my favourites with YOUS – and ask that you recommend me some goodies back!

Here goes…

7 podcasts that will make your commute, gym or housework time wayyyyy more fun!


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Maya Angelou Quotes to Live By

Friends, it’s World Book Day!


Being in marketing, and being a huge book nerd, I used to be aware of hugely important national dates like this weeks in advance. But because I’m living under a parenting rock that allows me no access or insight into popular culture (seriously, what happened at the Oscars? Who is Ed Sheeran dating? What the heck is Let it Shine?) and most of the time I have no idea what day of the week it is, let alone if it’s a special day, this year’s World Book Day almost passed me by. SAD TIMES.

But alas! I took the little dude to Rhyme Time at the library today (social calendar highlight don’t you know) and the rhyming lady told us it was WBD and I got all excited because I just love and adore books and all that they provide and offer to us. Thanks little library lady.

And! I did just FINISH A BOOK (patting myself on the back while typing) and I loved it and I wanted to share some of the quotes that I highlighted as I was reading (yep I did that, #nerdalert).

That book was Letter to My Daughter by Maya Angelou, and it was BEAUTIFUL – and here are my favourite quotes!


Pep XO

“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”.png

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